NGC2174 Monkey Head Nebula

Constellation: Orion        Distance: 6400 lightyears

Monkey Head Nebula

Image spcefications:
Exposure: 3 hours (18 x 10 minutes) on 1600 ISO, 2 hours (6 x 20 min) Ha
Camera: Modified Canon 40D in coolbox (RGB), SBIG ST8300M (Ha)
Instrument: TEC 140 (RGB) Televue85 (Ha)
Mount: Losmandy G11 (RGB), Paramount MEII (Ha)
Guiding: Vixen Guiding Scope 70S, with 2x barlow and SBIG ST-4 (RGB); SBIG off-axis guider and Lodestar
Image processing: PixInsight
Location: Etoile St Cyrice, France (RGB), Overveen The Netherlands (Ha)
Sky Quality Meter: 21,33
Temperature: Ambient: -8° C / In coldbox: -15° C (RGB), ambient: 0° C / -35° C (Ha)
Date: 10 february 2010 (RGB), 15 february 2016 (Ha)
Higher resolution 3906 x 2592